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About Us:

The True Soldiers MC is a military structured organization. We do not claim territory nor do we claim 1%. We are a brotherhood of MEN. We are all about soldiers and their families. We abide by traditional MC protocol and give respect to all. In some cases, we except non military members who possess the same values as we do. If you meet a non veteran True Soldier, this brother posses the same values as we do, however he is a great asset to our organization because he brings us an understanding of trials and tribulations of everyday civilian life. This is something that some of us missed because we were raised by the military.  



The True Soldiers was founded in 1998 by Snake in Hinesville Georgia. The name True Soldiers was used because we wanted an organization which kept the tradition of the old military of being hard charging and the brotherhood of MEN. As the old soldiers retired we all had something in common, unable to adapt to the modern day soldier. The True Soldiers gave the old school soldiers an outlet and an extended family with the same values, loyalty and trust in their brothers.

In 2010 the club parted ways, mainly because the ways and structure of the traditional MC was becoming a thing of the past, not just within the True Soldiers but the MC community as a hole. Just like the military, the ways of the old soldier and the brotherhood that was instilled in us was no more. We chose to remain a traditional old school MC.


Why the TSMC may not be for all:

1. We do not recruit: If you're interested you will contact us.

2. We do not have big elaborate parties: You will probably find us in a field or wood line having a big BBQ with a camp fire.

3. We don't believe in trailers unless your bike is broke: Ride your iron.

4. Our women are taken: Bring your own.

5.  We were men before we put the colors on: Our patches don't make us who we are.

6. We don't care what type of iron you ride: Just turn the throttle be safe and keep up.

7. We follow traditional MC protocol: RESPECT

8. We do not claim territory: Our city/state rocker only lets others know where we're from and the journey we've taken to be where we are.

9. Our conversations may seem boring to some; We are soldiers, that's who we are and that's what we know.

10. A lot of our brothers are combat veterans with PTSD and medical issues: We will never leave a soldier / brother behind, we are here for each other. We will share the same foxhole and work thru it.

11. We don't care about money: You will never be charged to hang out with us unless we're doing something to help someone else.

12. Their is no time limit on probation / prospect status: You can only hide who you really are for so long. When the brothers are comfortable with you, you may be considered for full patch status.


Our Patch:

1. The cross rifles represent the tools of every soldiers trade.

2. The skull represents death, the price our fallen brothers paid in defense of this country.

3. Red represents the bloodshed of all soldiers who fought to defend this country.